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About 440Music Entertianment Co.

I'm Tommy TBones Cramer a musician who got to play some of the hottest Chicago Night Clubs stages for 8 years. I was also a partner in a very successful Job Fair company from 1987 to 1998 when I sold my share and started a Webmaster service which is when 440Music was first conceived. I joined the Shifters Rock and Blues Band in 1992 as a fillin when one of the regular guitar players needed a night off and after a few months I was the 2nd guitar players for the band. One of our gigs was a Wednesday night Open Jam which is where I meet Dave and Ralph the base and keyboard player with the Shades of Grey. Dave was a gammer who had a small recording studio in the attict of a Painted Lady Victorian in my neighborhood and Ralph, a computer guru who helped me do build CCUSA's first web site. Ralph was my roommate landlord and Dave and I were playing Falcon 3.0 the first network flight sim and for the next few years had a regular game night.

Move ahead 6 years Ralph sold his house, I moved in with my still the same girlfriend and Internet Radio is the hot new technology. Dave and I moved the game computers to his attatic studio and on May 5, 1999 we broadcasted our first live show for Unknown, Unsigned and Indie Music.

440Music Job Board Vision

Our goal is to connect the entertainment industry with the people who are the entertainment industry! As a partner at Career Concepts USA a job fair company I dealt and taught recruiters how to successfully use the job fair as a recruiting tool. With a schedule of over 150 Job Fairs a year in the 28 of the largest US cities I understand what is needed from a quality job board service. My clients were mainly the Fortune 1000 corporate recruiters who used our job fairs for introductory interview. I sold my share of CCUSA as the Internet was fast becoming a valuable tool for recruiting and parter was stuck living in the arcaic past.

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